Mad Wacky Wife has G.R.O. itis


We like to post weird, wacky and downright absurd tidbits of info and media from things we find on the internet, emails and IN REAL LIFE!. Now here is a clip of a mad housewife accusing everyone of being a “G.R.O”.

In the Philippines “G.R.O.” means “Guest Relations Officer” — LOL — which loosely translated means “Bar Girl” or “Prosty” (prostitute).  It is also an ultimate insult and often times an accuser can be taken to court and face dire consequences without having absolute evidence of proof.  In other words, if you say it you better be prepared to prove it.

This real life clip qualifies, in our minds, to be really wacked — or is it the messenger who is wacked!  The message certainly appears to be wacked — because obviously not everyone, as she accuses, is a “G.R.O.”  Now THAT’S REALLY WACKED!

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