Don’t Mess With Mother Nature!

Ooooh – Remember Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”?

Well it isn’t the first time that reality copies fiction, right?

Here are some real life human encounters with — well, birds and several other living creatures …LOL …And trust me, these are REALLY WACKED!

Attack of the killer gulls !

But maybe they were only trying to help him scale that mountain, right? LOL!

Poor hungry polar bear thought he had caught himself a salmon

Well if not a salmon, maybe a seal?

The "Great White Hunter" with lunch in mind...

Lunch seems inevitable for “The Great White Hunter” – yummy easy pickin’s

Eagle hates "Paparazi" - LOL

It is very dangerous being a Paparazzi

Hey Bud, you are only safe cuz you are hiding me attacking toes!

Can you even imagine entering without “protection”?

Never EVER point your finger or tease a GATER!

All he was saying was, “My, what big teeth you have”! — Isn’t that a bunch of “Crock”?

Anyone got a can opener?

Are these lions or tigers — or ligers?  Look closely — but don’t be in that car, it is a “box lunch”!!

The 100 yard dash!

Thank God Shell Oil has a station ahead, with a men’s room — I think this guy needs a change of pants!

I keep telling you this is not a TV!

Grin and bear it! LOL!

The prey was not suspecting the Wacking ability of his primate pal!

And the squabble was all about who trashed the bike! Hey ask the wack wacker! muah ha ha!

The Federal Agents thoroughly searched the baggage for contraband

Next is the body cavity search — whoops! Never trust anyone without a tail!

If you are incognito you can slip past the Federal Agents (see above)

Hey it ain’t easy being a gay terrorist — not even politically correct! Heck, all the more reason not to mess with mother nature, right? Anyone think to check his/her/whatever  “underwear”?  Wack that thing, ok?

It's the new secret weapon - the drone bomber delivering a payload!

so caca!

Even Uncle Sam occasionally takes a shot at Paparazzi

Rumor has it that the bloke is from Fox News! How Wack is that?

Just a couple of good buddies "hanging out" together

Now THAT has to HURT!!!

Another unwarranted attack on an innocent Paparazzi!

Now These are all VERY WACKED!!


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